Man Steals Pepsi Truck In Oklahoma To Chase Girlfriend To Airport

(Credit: Shutterstock Zety Akhzar)

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Tulsa police arrested a man after he stole a Pepsi truck in Oklahoma while trying to get to the airport.

Steven Hart reportedly had an argument with his girlfriend and jumped in the truck to follow her to the airport.

The delivery guy driving the truck said he jumped out of the back after he felt the truck begin to move according to the Associated Press. When the police finally caught up with the truck half-an-hour later, Hart ditched the big rig, which then rolled into a school bus. According to police, no one was hurt.

Let’s think about this. This guy saw a Pepsi truck and thought to himself that it was the fastest way to his girlfriend at the airport, regardless of the fact that he was committing larceny. Now that’s love…or insanity. I’m still a little unsure.

I’d like to hear more from the girlfriend about this though. Did she see this as a romantic gesture at all? I guess it doesn’t really matter, considering he’s been booked in the county jail. (RELATED: Watch: 10-Year-Old Steals Family Car, Leads Mom And Police On 50 Mile Chase)

The AP article says he tried to escape from the jail when he was being booked. What a madman. I hope these people get married. Just think about telling your kids how you realized you were in love.

“Well, your father and I got into an argument and so he stole a Pepsi truck to chase me down. He ended up in jail instead, but I knew it was love then!”