Tom Dundon Says The AAF Will Financially Be Fine For A ‘Long Time’ After $250 Million Investment

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Alliance of American Football’s financial situation might be a lot more stable than people think.

Things looked really bad Tuesday when it was revealed the AAF might miss payroll and Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon had to dump in a bunch of money. Now, it sounds like things are going to be just fine. (RELATED: AAF Sells To Tom Dundon After $250 Million Investment, League Is Reportedly Struggling For Money)

“There’s a difference between commitments and funding. They had the commitments to last a long time, but maybe not the money in the bank. My money is in my bank. I’m sure of it … That’s enough money to run this league for a long time. We’re good for many years to come with what I just did,” Dundon said during an appearance on 99.9 The Fan after pouring $250 million into the league, according to ProFootballTalk.


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The league better be just fine after $250 million more was put in by one guy. It’d be a crisis of epic proportions if a quarter of a billion dollars wasn’t enough to bail out a minor league football league.

In fact, I would have some serious questions that would need to be answered if that kind of money wasn’t enough to make the league stable for a long time to come. (RELATED: San Diego Fleet Quarterback Phillip Nelson Completes No-Look Heave Of A Pass)

I really do hope the AAF is a success. Football throughout winter and into the spring is something I think the vast majority of people would get behind. This country is addicted to the sport in the best way possible, and we just don’t want it to end.

Let’s all say a prayer that the Alliance of American Football is here for the long haul.

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