LeBron James Says ‘Space Jam 2’ Will Begin Filming In The Summer

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Filming on “Space Jam 2” is set to get underway this summer.

LeBron James confirmed the news during the NBA all-star weekend, but it went relatively unnoticed until Complex magazine brought it to everybody’s attention Wednesday.

There are two options for how “Space Jam 2” will be: It will either be absolutely awesome, or it will suck on an epic level.

Those are the only two options. There is absolutely no middle ground. You can’t make a sequel to an all-time classic, and not expect people to hold you to the highest standard possible. If Jordan made a great movie, then we can’t expect anything less out of LeBron. (RELATED: LaVar Ball Guarantees LeBron James Won’t Win A Title In Los Angles If Lonzo Gets Traded)

The biggest question in my mind is who the other ballers will be. You have to have Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and James Harden at a minimum in my mind.

You just have to. Those three and LeBron all together would be entertainment gold if done correctly.

Hell, why not throw in Lonzo just for good measure?


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There’s no release date yet for “Space Jam 2,” but I’ll make sure to keep you guys updated once I know.

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