Nike Stocks Fall After Zion Williamson’s Shoe Malfunction And Subsequent Injury

William Davis | Contributor

It appears Nike is paying a price after one of its shoes, worn by Duke superstar freshman Zion Williamson, tore apart in a college basketball game Wednesday night. Williamson is now suffering from a knee injury

According to Darren Rovell (at roughly 10:45 am EST), Nike’s stocks were down 1.2 percent (or $1.12 billion) Thursday as the company faces a massive backlash over Zion’s injury. (RELATED: Trae Young Says Zion Williamson Shouldn’t Sit Out The Season)

The apparel giant was the object of scorn and derision all over social media Wednesday night when Williamson’s shoe fell apart, leading to his exit from one of the most anticipated college basketball games of the year.

One of Nike’s competitors tried to capitalize on the injury but later deleted the tweet after taking heat for the social media post.

This is not exactly a good look for Puma, which is probably on the hunt for a new social media intern Thursday.

While this incident was certainly embarrassing for the company, I doubt Nike CEO Phil Knight will be strapped for cash any time soon. Nike will be just fine, and hopefully, Williamson will be as well.  (RELATED: WATCH: Zion Williamson Throws Down Incredible Dunk)

The Duke basketball star is widely considered a lock to be the number one pick in June’s NBA Draft, but there is no question that teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New York Knicks are probably a little on edge Thursday.

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