Press Release: The Daily Caller To Launch New Entertainment Facebook Page

The Daily Caller
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Readers of The Daily Caller,

We are pleased to report that our “America Speaks” Facebook Watch page will be rebranding to “Daily Caller Entertainment.”

You know what’s going on. Late-night comedy has morphed into unending left-wing political activism, so we have no choice but to step up and fill the comedy void with content that patriotic Americans can get behind.

The Daily Caller has always had an irreverent approach to the news cycle, and “Daily Caller Entertainment” will be no different.

So if you’re tired of watching Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and Alec Baldwin tell the same tired “orange man bad” jokes week in and week out, be sure to follow “Daily Caller Entertainment.”

“Daily Caller Entertainment.” All the laughs. None of the political correctness.
The editors of America’s greatest news — and entertainment! — outlet