Tony Romo Won’t Let His Kids Play Tackle Football Until The Eighth Grade

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo won’t be letting his children play tackle football before a certain age.

The superstar CBS analyst said the following during a Wednesday appearance on 105.3 TheFan:

I don’t think I’ll ever discourage them from doing anything. Like to me, it goes back to what you said, ‘if you really like this go play it.’ What I won’t allow them, from my dad perspective, if everything’s the same as it is 10 years from now … they won’t play tackle football until 8th grade. That’ll be the first time we’ll let them (play).

This seems pretty reasonable from Romo. The more and more we find out about football and head injuries, the more it seems like people are a shade more hesitant about letting their kids play the game.

He’s not saying they can’t play before eighth grade. Romo is just saying they won’t be playing tackle football. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry. (RELATED: The Internet Reacts To Tony Romo Calling Plays During The AFC Championship Game)


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Now, if I were Romo, I’m being practicing with my kids every single day to be the next great quarterback.

They’re be running drills nonstop. I’d have a QB factory sitting at the dinner table. It’d be football and nothing else.

Forget playing any other position if you’re Romo’s kid. It’s quarterback or bust.

Will Romo follow my golden advice? Who knows, but it seems like a smart idea. When have I ever failed anybody? Never.

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