A Dead Cow Reportedly Hospitalized A Man After Kicking Him In The Head

(Credit: Shutterstock by symbiot)

German Police confirmed Friday that a dead cow hospitalized a worker after kicking him in the head.

The cow was properly killed “according to regulations” at a slaughterhouse Thursday morning, according to the Associated Press. Workers then hung the cow up on a hook to continue processing.

After the cow had been hung up, it kicked one of the workers in the face.

Excuse me, what? This whole story is weird and terrifying. Apparently nerve impulse is super common after animals have been slaughtered. However, to have to do your job constantly worried that an animal is going to come back from the dead and seriously injure you? I’d rethink my career path.

Not only has this man been humiliated by a dead cow, he also suffered “serious injuries” according to German police.

So do we think he gets worker’s comp for something like this? I’d sue if not. Wild things are happening in Germany. (Related: Germany Attempts To Break Facebook’s Data-Gathering Monopoly, Facebook Appeals)

After speaking with someone with knowledge of dead animals, I found that dead animals apparently can thrash for up to two minutes. Man, this happened super quickly. Moving forward, slaughterhouses should step away from dead animals for at least two minutes before doing whatever needs to happen next.

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