Gun-Wielding Great-Grandmother Fends Off Burglar


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A 79-year-old Georgia woman shut down a would-be burglar with two pistols and then shrugged it off.

Gwendolyn Agard, a great-grandmother that resides in her family farm house in Jackson County shot at the intruder twice with her .38 and .45 revolvers, according to She was able to hold the 20-year-old suspect off until police arrived. (RELATED: Florida Student Who Allegedly Threw Chocolate Milk On Students At College Republicans Event Charged With Battery)

During the 911 call, Agard calmly explains the situation to the police and tells the intruder, “I’ve got something for you,” before firing multiple rounds at him.

Agard then held the suspect at gun point until police arrived. Twenty-year-old Hans Rogers was so scared by the woman’s gunshots that he went and hid in the closet until police arrived to pick him up.

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