Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko Praises Trump’s Leadership Against Russia

Fox News

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko praised President Donald Trump’s leadership in tackling the Russian threat during a Friday interview on Fox News.


Poroshenko seemed perturbed by Trump’s desire to get along with Putin, letting out a sigh before explaining that it is only possible to talk to the Russian leader from a position of strength. However, he also said that he is confident in the United States’ stance on Russia. (RELATED: Five Times Trump Has Slapped Down Russia)

“I think that this administration do an excellent, a great job,” Poroshenko said. “This is not only sanctions, for example, presenting Javelin — this is a modern anti-tank system … this has saved a lot of life for Ukrainian soldiers.”

Poroshenko declined to speak negatively about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who infamously presented Russia with a red reset button, and former president Barack Obama, who mocked Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for calling Russia the country’s greatest geopolitical foe. Instead, he opted to praise the current administration’s role.

“I have a feeling that U.S. administration clear[ly] understand[s] the possible danger of Putin despite of any of their statement.  And with this situation, we have in Ukraine the problem [is] that they should keep power dry.  And with this situation I’m absolutely confident that only strong U.S., the global leadership of the United States and the leadership of the President Trump can keep the world safe.”

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