LSU Beats Tennessee 82-80 On Absurd Foul Call In Overtime

Tennessee LSU (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Tennessee got robbed against LSU in an 82-80 loss Saturday.

Late in overtime, the Volunteers were called for an absolutely absurd foul with .6 seconds left on the clock. During a scrum full of chaos, the refs actually called a foul.

The Tigers hit two free throws to win the game.

Those refs ought to be embarrassed. Absolutely embarrassed on every level. You don’t ever call a foul in a situation like that. It’s one thing if the person is driving to the hoop in the final seconds for a shot. (RELATED: Wisconsin Beats Illinois 64-58, Khalil Iverson Throws Down Two Huge Dunks)

It’s a whole different thing if it’s just a scramble and chaos as the clock ticks down. Are you kidding me? How did he blow the whistle? Seriously, what went through the official’s mind to call that foul?

Was it a foul? It might have been by the letter of the law, but we all know refs are generally supposed to swallow their whistles in the final moments of a game.

It’s an unspoken rule, but we all know it to be true.

I would be rioting right now if I was a Tennessee fan. I would be so angry. I would be angry because we lost. I’d be furious because the refs dictated the outcome of the game, and that is unacceptable.

Congrats on the win, LSU. I hope the bonus check for the refs is already in the mail.

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