CNN’s Smerconish: Robert Kraft Investigation ‘The Largest Waste Of Resources Since Jussie Smollett’

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CNN host Michael Smerconish opened his Saturday show by calling the investigation of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft “the largest waste of resources since Jussie Smollett.”


Smerconish began by stating his intention to “link two stories in this country, Robert Kraft and Jussie Smollett.” The CNN host reported that Kraft, who was “charged with misdemeanor solicitation of prostitution” may reportedly not be the “most well known person entangled.” He then called for the legalization of prostitution, comparing it to marijuana as he defended Kraft.

News reports have all the elements, sex, money, stakeout, allegedly even videotape. My take, legalize it. In a world where men and women swipe right for companionship and send nude selfies before showing off the real thing, surely an exchange of money for sex between consenting adults is not an absurd suggestion. Like pot, prostitution should be legal, cleaned up, regulated. Healthy. Let me be clear, of course, no woman should be forced into this line of work and anyone who would attempt to make them indentured servants should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But not a 77-year-old guy who lost his wife of 48 years back in 2011. As it is, I tweeted, it represents the largest waste of resources since Jussie Smollett.

Smerconish then contended that “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett’s alleged hate crime hoax, which has dominated the news of late, has taken national attention away from more important issues, such as a recent USA Today “lengthy investigative piece about an examination of 900 yearbooks across the country” which “collected more than 200 examples of offensive or racist material from public universities in the south, Ivy League schools in the northeast, liberal arts boutiques and Division I powerhouses …” (RELATED: Here’s A Round-Up Of Jussie Smollett’s Worst Tweets About President Trump And His Supporters)

The report, Smerconish said, shows “there is nothing unique about Virginia when it comes to blackface.”

The USA Today investigative work should have dominated the conversation on Thursday. You’d think the documentation of widespread racist images would be a time for national dialogue. But it wasn’t. Because all of the oxygen was taken out of the room by Jussie Smollett’s alleged hoax. That’s the damage he inflicted. If the Chicago police are correct and he made it up, his victims are people of color and gays who are the real targets of hate crimes and he robbed us all of an opportunity for reflection like that which USA Today sought to provide.

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