Genie Bouchard Turns 25 Years Old. Celebrate With Her Greatest Photos

(Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images)

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February 25 is Genie Bouchard’s birthday and we are here to help you celebrate.

In her honor, here is a slideshow of all of her greatest photos.

The Canadian-born athlete began her career as a child, learning to play tennis at 5 years old. She won her first title in the past five years earlier this January, and won her first WTA singles title back in 2014.

Bouchard is one of four siblings and has a twin sister named Beatrice. All four siblings are named after royal family members, which is pretty cool. It’s like they created their own royal family. Bouchard and her twin sister are specifically named after Prince Andrew’s daughters.

Bouchard is well known for her love for her fans. She interacts with them and can be seen taking photos with fans who bring signs to her matches.

Her fans do seem to have a little luck though. Bouchard briefly dated a fan after he tweeted her a bet about the Patriots vs. Atlanta Super Bowl game. He won the bet, so she had to take him on a date.

Not only is Bouchard a superstar tennis player, she also dabbles in modeling. This girl has it all going for her.

Enjoy these photos below for her birthday.