Man Mics Up His 4-Year-Old Son To Hear His Thoughts During Hockey Practice

(Photo Credit: Shutterstock Vanessa van Rensburg)

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Hockey dad Jeremy Rupke mic’d up his 4-year-old son during his hockey practice just to see what the boy was saying to his coaches and peers.

It turns out, Mason Rupke of Ontario Canada had a lot to say on the ice. Take a look at the video below.

Rupke told The Washington Post that he was shocked to listen to the footage after the practice and that he had no idea his son was so talkative while playing.

Rupke captured his son’s practice in a six-minute long video uploaded to YouTube called “4 Year Old Mic’d up at Hockey.” In the video, Mason focuses on how to skate by repeating “one, two, one, two” and falling every so often. I definitely was cheering for him the whole video.


At one point he resorts to crawling only. This would be my kind of approach as well.

Although Mason does focus on hockey, two really important things seem to always be on his mind: naps and McDonald’s. He coaches himself to get up after falling, saying, “Fifteen more minutes and be done and get a baby happy meal.” All of America understands Mason on that point. (RELATED: Hockey Players Square Up To Fight, End Up Dancing)

After Rupke posted the video Friday, prominent athletes and sports commentators took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the video, including J.J. Watt and Bob McKenzie. The video has more than 3.2 million views on YouTube at the time of this piece’s publication.

Hopefully Mason got a nap and his post-practice McDonald’s.