Justin Theroux Accuses His Neighbor Of Domestic Abuse

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

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Actor Justin Theroux accused his neighbor, Norman Resnicow, of beating his wife.

Theroux and Resnicow have an ongoing civil suit over renovations that Theroux and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston were making to their apartment, according to Page Six. In a statement filed in that suit, Theroux states he heard Resnicow yelling at his wife when Theroux was leaving his apartment on the night of Feb. 10.

Theroux took it upon himself to call the cops because he was worried after hearing the incident. Resnicow’s wife was seen later with a black eye according to the filing. (RELATED: Jennifer Aniston Announces Separation From Husband)

Theroux writes, “Because my apartment is directly above the Resnicow’s apartment, I have had the misfortune over the years of personally overhearing Mr. Resnicow frequently scream at and berate Mrs. Resnicow, with some of those instances resulting in calls to 911.”

Mrs. Resnicow responded with her own sworn statement, claiming the black eye was from tripping and falling on the sidewalk “while admiring a cute toddler.” She says she does not fear for her safety when alone with her husband and that Theroux is just using this as an attempt to “gain an advantage” in the litigation.

Mr. Resnicow writes that his wife is just hard of hearing and that’s why he’s always yelling.