U.K. Woman Calls Cops To Report She Was Given Brown Sugar Instead Of Cocaine

(Photo Credit: Shutterstock MaraZe)

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A woman in the United Kingdom reportedly called the cops after she was sold brown sugar instead of what she paid for … cocaine.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland in Craigavon described on Facebook how a woman called the station to report that she was being scammed. She claimed she paid around $260 and received brown sugar. When asked what she originally purchased, she responded “cocaine.” (RELATED: Federal Agents Seize 99 Pounds Of Cocaine Hidden Inside Pineapple Shipment)

The woman said she didn’t want to leave a statement about her theft.


In the humorous post, police warned people to not trust their drug dealers because they “care about nothing other than lining their own pockets.” They added, “it shouldn’t surprise anyone that drug dealers are scammers”.

Who thinks it’s a good idea to call the cops after you’ve purchased an illegal substance, or tried to? This woman must have been on drugs when she called.


In reality, the police could have used her to track down a drug dealer. Who knows if this woman would have been dumb enough to not realize what they were doing. Something tells me she wouldn’t have caught on, though.

In the end, these cops were nice enough to make a public service announcement about how you shouldn’t trust your drug dealers.