Donald Trump Jr. Slams Transgender Athletes Competing In Women’s Sports

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Donald Trump Jr. called the growing trend of biological males competing in women’s athletics a “grave injustice,” in a tweet Tuesday morning.

The president’s son was commenting on an article from The Daily Caller News Foundation detailing the emergence of a biological male as the top-ranked NCAA woman’s track star. (RELATED: New Democratic Congresswoman Hangs Transgender Flag Outside Office)

“Yet another grave injustice to so many young women who trained their entire lives to achieve excellence,” Trump Jr. said. “Identify however you want, to each his own, but this is too far and unfair to so many.”

Franklin Pierce University runner Cece Telfer is a transgender women who competed on the school’s men’s track team as recently as 2018, before the transition. The NCAA Division II runner has put up better times this season than all but two female athletes at the Division I level. Telfer’s success has some crying foul over the seemingly unfair advantage.

An NCAA official told The Daily Caller that the organization strives to create an environment of “diversity and inclusion,” but that the decision to recruit and play athletes in a sport that corresponds to their gender identity is one that is left up to individual coaches.

“All student-athletes who compete in NCAA championships must comply with NCAA playing rules and overall NCAA rules and regulations,” he said. “The NCAA believes in and is committed to diversity and inclusion and works to establish an inclusive and safe culture/environment that promotes equitable participation for all student-athletes.”

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