HARLAN: 2020 Democrats Have Had At Least 8 Cringeworthy Moments — And It’s Still 2019

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Harlan Hill Contributor
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Democrats who run for president know it’s imperative to pretend they can relate to ordinary voters — but their efforts can be more cringeworthy than convincing.

For those of you keeping score at home, here are the eight most laughable ways the Democrats have embarrassed themselves by pretending to be just like the rest of us.

Get me … umm … a beer 

Shortly after announcing that she is running for president, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren live-streamed a video on Instagram in which she awkwardly grabbed a beer and thanked her husband for being in their own home.

“Hold on a sec, I’m going to get me… umm, a beer,” Warren says before introducing her husband to the audience and sipping about 1/1,024th of the beverage. 

“Thank you for being here, I’m glad you’re here,” she tells her husband.

Grab me a kid

Evidently, Warren just likes grabbing stuff. But this time around, instead of getting a beer, the lawmaker was seen grabbing an unsuspecting child and forcefully pulling the kid across the stage for a better camera angle.

Needless to say, the youngster didn’t seem to be too thrilled with the — errr — woman-handling.

Rally in a blizzard

The Democrats have been so obsessed with Russia that one has to wonder whether Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar announced her candidacy in the middle of an actual, literal blizzard in an attempt to appeal to Siberian voters. 

While Klobuchar did her best to embrace the snow storm, her speech, which ironically touched on the subject of global warming, was widely mocked on social media.

The dentist appointment

It’s no secret that going to the dentist is the least favorite thing to do for most people. That’s why it was so perplexing when failed Senate candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke live-streamed a video of his own dental visit, inflicting pain and misery on viewers nationwide that had nothing to do with cavities.

Even some liberals proceeded to grill O’Rourke for the video, noting that a broadcast of his dental hygienist is a step too far for some of his supporters.

Beto’s secret love for walls

Beto will be the first politician to say that he supports the removal of existing walls on our southern border — but that’s only because he’s trying to hide his own love for using physical barriers at political rallies.

During his recent event in El Paso, Texas, for instance, the former lawmaker delivered his remarks from a podium that was protected by fences, barriers, and barricades as he passionately ranted about how “walls end lives.”

Kamala flying high 

Not one to be outdone, California Sen. Kamala Harris claimed that she was listening to hip-hop icons years before they even released their first albums.

In an apparent effort to win over the college stoner vote, Harris revealed that she smoked marijuana in college, and that she “inhaled” while listening to Tupac and Snoop Dogg.

As many pointed out, however, both artists released their debut albums in the early 1990’s, years after the lawmaker graduated from college.


Washington is full of legends — and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker thinks that he is one of them.

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last year, Booker compared himself to the famous leader of a Roman slave revolt, arguing that violating the rules of the chamber is “about the closest I’ll ever have to an ‘I am Spartacus’ moment.” 

Predictably, Booker’s remark was quickly ridiculed, forcing him to claim that he did not actually intend to compare himself to the elite ancient warrior.

Self-centered applause

Every Democrat in Congress deserved a shout-out for their cringy antics during President Trump’s State of the Union address this year.

While the Democrats grumpily ignored he president’s calls for unity and bipartisanship, for instance, liberal female lawmakers made sure to give themselves a standing ovation when the President highlighted the election of more women to Congress in the midterms.

Democratic elitists aren’t like the rest of us regular Americans, but their desperate attempts to appear relatable will at least ensure a steady supply of chuckles to last us through the 2020 election.

Harlan Hill is president of the Logan Circle Group and an advisory board member for the Trump-Pence 2020 re-election campaign.

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