Liberals Have Lost Their Collective Mind

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On the show today, we count the way in which the political left has lost their collective minds. Sen. Bernie Sanders wants control over everything, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to spend almost $100 trillion, and former Vice President Joe Biden demands no brown M&Ms in his dressing room. Also, activists in Virginia watched NYC chase away Amazon and 25,000 jobs and are trying to replicate that, Senate Democrats vote to keep infanticide, and a gay rights activist is charged with burning down his own house in a fake hate crime. We cover it all on today’s show.

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In a CNN town hall, Bernie Sanders accidentally admitted he’s looking to strip health insurance from the millions of Americans who are happy with their private plans in the name of the collective good. In exchange, Sanders is promising the sun, the moon, and the stars, and all for “free!” We’ve heard this song before and are still waiting for our $2,500 in average savings per family from Obamacare. We have the audio and the truth.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn’t attach a price tag to her “Green New Deal,” possibly because she can’t count. But it’s more likely that it’s because she doesn’t want people to know. Well, a former director of the Congressional Budget Office made an educated estimate, and it’s all the money in the world. No, seriously. Almost $100 trillion over 10 years in addition to what the government already spends. Destroying society and rebuilding it in the image of Utopia doesn’t come cheap.

A candidate for Chicago City Council described “democratic socialism” in surprisingly honest terms, admitting it “is about democratic control of every single facet of our life.” All they want is everything, complete control of your life. Sounds “wonderful,” doesn’t it?

Crazy Uncle Joe Biden has some very strict riders in his contracts for public appearances. One contract, for an appearance he was paid $150,000 for, leaked to the media. Turns out the questions had to be approved ahead of time, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have the details.

Senate Democrats voted to protect infanticide Monday because they are wholly owned by the abortion lobby. They celebrated it somehow as a blow for “women’s rights.” The babies born alive after a failed abortion were unavailable for comment.

Liberals in northern Virginia are trying to employ the same tactics leftists in New York used to torpedo the deal to bring Amazon’s HQ2 to the area. It seems the idea of 25,000 high paying jobs and billions in new tax revenue doesn’t jive with their plan for government dependence for the masses. It’s really that crazy.

Finally, a gay rights activist in Michigan is charged with burning down his own house in a fake hate crime attempt. This is what you get when you make being a victim something to aspire to. We talk about it all.

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