Mike Leach Asks Students To Answer War And NFL Question To Get Into His Class

(Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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We have more details about Mike Leach’s college course, and it sounds awesome.

More and more hype has been building around this potential class from the Washington State football coach, and now we know exactly what students will be asked in order to gain entrance.

According to CBS Sports, the class has a limit of 40 students, and people wanting to enter will have to answer the question, “Can the British strategy in the Malaya insurgency be used today? Is the wishbone a potentially viable offense for the NFL? Why or why not?” in 200 words. (RELATED: America’s Most Entertaining Football Coach Might Start Teaching A College Class)

Does that sound like fun to you? It sure does to me. I know nothing about the British strategy in Malaya, but a very well-educated source says the answer to the question is absolutely yes. Take that for what it’s worth.

As for the second question, no — the wishbone couldn’t ever work in the NFL. No chance in hell. The defensive ends are way too fast, unlike in college.

The whole point of the option is to take advantage of slower defensive edge players. Guys like that are all over college football. They’re not all over the NFL.

NFL edge rushers are often lightning fast. It just won’t work.

Okay, so when do I get my admission letter? If Leach let me in his class, I’d honestly consider enrolling. I’m not sure it’s an opportunity that I could ever pass up.

It’d be content gold.