Mother, Daughter Slay 5 In Family Murder-Suicide Pact, Claiming Everyone ‘Wanted To Die’

Bucks County District Attorneys Office

Graeme Gallagher Contributor
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After murdering five of their own family members, a mother and daughter in Pennsylvania claimed Tuesday that their relatives “wanted to die” because they were suicidal.

Shana Decree, 45, and her daughter Dominique Decree, 19, were found in their apartment in Bucks County among their five slain family members — pronounced dead at the scene — on Monday evening.

In the latest development of the story, the mother revealed that the carnage was committed as a murder-suicide pact. (RELATED: The Details Of Whitey Bulger’s Murder Will Make Your Stomach Churn)

“Shana later told police that everyone at the apartment, including the nine-year-olds and the thirteen-year-old, wanted to die,” in an arrest affidavit on Tuesday. “Shana advised that all, including the children, were talking about suicide.”

Among the deceased are Decree’s children — Naa’Irah Smith, 25; and Damon Decree Jr. 13 — her sister Jamilla Campbell, 42; and Campbell’s twin nine-year-old daughters.

Before arriving on the suicide pact, the mother and daughter changed their story multiple times.

After being found and taken to the hospital, the mother first “denied knowing what occurred.” The mother of three quickly changed the tale claiming that her sister’s boyfriend and “two unknown males came into the apartment and killed everyone” except for her and Dominique, who alleged a similar story. (RELATED: Man Deported Twice Murders 2 As A Result Of CA’s Sanctuary Laws)

“[Dominique] also repeatedly advised her wish to die,” said the affidavit.

Less than five hours later, Dominique confessed that her mother killed one of the twins, and her 13 and 25-year-old children. The daughter persisted that her aunt, Jamilla Campbell, “choked” one of the nine-year-old daughters to death before being strangled by Dominique.

Shana also confessed and gave a description of the killing to the police, saying that Campbell killed Smith and that Dominique “helped her with one of the killings.”

The two were arrested after the confession and are charged with five counts of murder and one count of conspiracy.

“This is one of the worst homicides we’ve had in Bucks County,” said the Morrisville Police Chief. “We’re a very safe community. This is something the police really can’t do anything about. It happened inside.”

Morrisville and Bucks County Detectives are investigating the case further, as the timeline of the murders remains unclear.