Univision’s Jorge Ramos Opens Up About Being Detained By Maduro

Mike Brest Reporter
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Univision host Jorge Ramos opened up about getting detained by former Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro during his interview on “Hannity” Tuesday night.


“From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much Sean, thanks so much to Fox News. On those moments you are detained that dictatorship, when there is no one to help you and you see a tweet or you see a report from Fox News or from an American medium, you know that you are not alone. And we felt we were not alone. So muchas gracias,” Ramos began. (RELATED: ‘All Options Are Open’: Trump Puts Venezuela Military On Notice)

“Tell everybody what happened, because they took your tapes. By the way, those are real videos of real Venezuelans and should be one of the richest countries in the entire world that are eating out of garbage trucks,” Hannity responded. “That is widespread. And I applaud you for calling attention to the suffering of human beings. This isn’t politics to me.”

Ramos stated, “It is terrible what’s happening right now in Venezuela. There’s a humanitarian crisis, the minimum wage, Sean, is $5, not $5 an hour or $5 a day [but] $5 a month. That’s the minimum wage. And that is why they were so much hunger. The interview with Nicolas Maduro it lasted about 17 minutes and I think it was a strong interview, it all right. But then I showed him, the kids that you just showed on a garbage truck and he just couldn’t stand it. He stood up.”

He continued:

He tried to cover the image so the cameras would not be able to see it. And then I told him, Mr. Maduro, I didn’t call him president, I called him Mr. Maduro, I said why don’t you answer the questions? What you are doing is what dictators do. And then he left, one of his mentors came back. They confiscated four cameras, Sean.  They took our tape cards where we store the interviews. And then they detained us for two hours. They took away our cell phones. And at this point, at this point, we don’t have the cameras. We don’t have the interview. And they gave my cell [phone] back although all the cell phones from my colleagues, they are still in Venezuela.”

Maduro is currently battling to remain president, while the United States and many other countries have recognized Juan Guaido, the leader of Maduro’s opposition party, as the legitimate leader of Venezuela(RELATED: ‘All Options Are Open’: Trump Puts Venezuela Military On Notice)

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