Chinese Airline Suing Passenger Who Threw Coins At Plane Engine For Good Luck

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A Chinese airline is suing a passenger who threw coins at a plane engine for good luck, forcing the airline to cancel the flight.

The passenger, known only by his surname, Lu, reportedly cost the airline $21,000 in damages and caused the 162 passengers on board to have delayed travel plans. (RELATED: Family Kicked Off Airplane, Forced To Miss Flight Over Bad ‘Odor’)

According to the New York Post, airline officials found the coins by the plane’s left engine and immediately grounded the flight.

Lucky Air stated, “Not only does tossing coins not give you good luck; it will endanger aviation safety and land you in detention. You could be fined and prosecuted.”

Lu was detained by the airline for seven days following the incident.

This guy seems like a huge idiot. If these officials hadn’t found the coins all of these passengers would have died. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but not impossible.


The idea doesn’t make any logical sense either. He threw the coin at the engine? I’ve heard the whole “throw-the-coin-in-the-fountain-make-a-wish” thing but nothing about throwing coins at airplane engines.

This also isn’t apparently the first time this has happened. What is wrong with people? According to TravelPulse, an 80-year-old woman threw coins into an engine back in 2017. She at least was “praying for peace.”

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