Meadows Opens Up About Rare Bipartisan Moment During Cohen Hearing

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Republican North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows heaped praise on a political rival — who also happened to be a “good friend” — during a segment of Wednesday’s “Hannity.”

Meadows called Democratic House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings a “good friend,” and said that he appreciated Cummings’ sticking up for him after freshman Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib accused Meadows of being racist acts during Michael Cohen’s testimony Wednesday. (RELATED: Univision’s Jorge Ramos Opens Up About Being Detained By Maduro)

Hannity called the exchange between Cummings and Meadows, which took place during Wednesday’s contentious hearing, a “great moment” for civility between two men on opposite sides of the political spectrum.

“I totally agree, Sean,” Meadows said. “I don’t mind saying that not only is [Cummings] a friend, but he was a gentleman today in the way that he came to my defense.”

Hannity and Meadows then went on to discuss the fallout from Cohen’s dramatic testimony.

“The witch hunt, the Russian collusion narrative, it was thrown out there over and over again and what happened was there was nothing there,” Meadows said. “There were a lot of opportunities afforded to [Cohen] that shouldn’t have happened.”

“It was all trying to spin a narrative to start the impeachment process,” Meadows concluded.

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