Netflix UK Reportedly Given Version With Wrong Ending Of ‘The Notebook’

(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

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Netflix U.K. has been streaming the wrong version of the adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel “The Notebook.”

In the original ending, the main characters, Allie and Noah, lay in Allie’s bed and pass away together. It’s an extremely sad ending that has most fans, including myself, ugly crying by the time the scene is over.

However, according to the “Today” show, Netflix has been streaming the wrong ending in the U.K. The alternate ending features Allie and Noah talking in her nursing home bed and then cuts to a scene of birds flying across a lake.

Netflix U.K. claims they were given a version without the right ending.

Nicholas Sparks didn’t even seem to know where the alternate ending version of the hit movie came from. In an interview on the “Today” Show Wednesday morning, Sparks spoke about the movie mess up.

Sparks told the anchors, “For me, it’s an opinion thing. Hey, it’s a different ending. You’re definitely going to have an opinion on it one way or another.” When asked his opinion he answered, “I like the original film.” (RELATED: Ryan Gosling: ‘Notebook’ Co-Star Rachel McAdams One Of The ‘Greatest Girlfriends Of All Time’)

Regardless of your opinions on the movie itself, everyone can agree that “The Notebook” original ending is one of the most iconic endings in movie history.