AAF Will Let Johnny Manziel Work Out For Teams In The League

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The door for Johnny Manziel to join the AAF is officially open.

AAF chairman Tom Dundon told USA Today in a report published late Thursday afternoon that Johnny Football could work out for teams in the league.

Manziel’s AAF rights would first go to the San Antonio Commanders because he played at Texas A&M. If they choose to not sign him, then he would become a free agent. Dundon also said he would be on the same contract — $250,000 for three years — that all players in the AAF are on.

He told USA Today, “Everybody gets the same. That will never change.”

The college football legend was banned from the CFL earlier in the week, and it’s been reported that it was because he missed meetings. As I said, if that’s the real reason he got kicked off the Montreal Alouettes, then there was never a doubt the AAF would try to scoop him up. (RELATED: Johnny Manziel Was Reportedly Banned From The CFL For Missing Meetings)

He’s too big of a name with too big of a draw to ignore. The only question left at this point is how long will it take for the ball to get rolling on this situation.

You’d think if you’re San Antonio, you’d want to get him right away for a workout. Once that happens, he should be signed within a couple days.

The only strange part here is that Manziel was due to make some serious money in the CFL this season before he pretty much self-sabotaged his deal to get out of it. He would have made more in 2019 playing in Canada than he could have in three seasons in the AAF.

He must really not care about the money at all. It should be fun to see how he does in the AAF if he does indeed sign there.

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