CNN Analyst Compared Trump To Hitler For Something Joe Biden Said First

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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CNN analyst Sam Vinograd claimed that part of President Donald Trump’s CPAC speech on Saturday “made her sick.” What she failed to mention was that former Vice President Joe Biden had said it first.

Vinograd claimed that many of the points addressed in Trump’s speech would line up with items on “Putin’s to-do list” — but noted that one line in particular, where the president called for Americans to “reclaim our heritage,” reminded her of Hitler. (RELATED: CNN Analyst Compares Trump’s CPAC Speech To Hitler)


But in addition to her work as a political analyst for CNN, Vinograd also happens to be a senior advisor at the Biden Institute — and what she left out was that the institute’s namesake, Joe Biden, used that exact same call to action in a 2011 speech.

The president opened his Saturday speech to the annual convention of conservatives by walking onto the stage and hugging the American flag, much to the delight of the crowd.

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