Trump Fact-Checks Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Minutes After Statement

(right, Olivier Douliery, Getty) Neil Cavuto (left, Fox News screengrab)

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President Donald Trump used Twitter to fact-check Neil Cavuto moments after the Fox News host commented about the length of the president’s train ride to see North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.

The comment that drew Trump’s attention came during a Saturday morning “Cavuto Live” conversation with Tennessee Rep. Mark Green about the ultimate productivity of the Vietnam summit between the two leaders.


“You don’t think that the president really did go much more than halfway,” Cavuto said, responding to Green’s contention that Trump was “working on a relationship” with the North Korean leader. “I think any objective observer can say he traveled halfway around the world last summer to go to Singapore to meet this guy, did it all over again when the guy took a two hour train ride to get to Vietnam summit and he goes 10 or 11 hours, you know, I’m just wondering what do you get for that?” (RELATED: ‘Sometimes You Have To Walk’: Trump Leaves Second NoKo Summit With No Deal)

While Green responded to Cavuto’s thoughts, Trump tweeted out a correction:

“It was a 3 day train ride to Vietnam, not 3 hours!” Trump tweeted minutes later, tagging Cavuto.

Cavuto later responded to Trump on air calling it a “sign that he’s watching.”

“He is right about that,” the Fox News host said. “I did mean to say that it is a more onerous trip for the president to take because he had to fly halfway around the world, but the president is right to say this guy taking a long train trip just as bad.”

“Be that as it may the president is watching, and I think he likes us,” Cavuto quipped.

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