‘Dying Mediocre Career’: Michael Avenatti Lifts Trump Tweets To Attack ‘SNL’s’ Pete Davidson

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Michael Avenatti tried to mock President Donald Trump in a series of tweets late Saturday night that took aim at “Saturday Night Live” cast member Pete Davidson.

Davidson delivered an impersonation of Avenatti on Saturday as part of a sketch called “Legal Shark Tank.”

Avenatti responded to Davidson’s portrayal of him by trying to satirize Trump in a series of tweets.

He quoted Trump nearly verbatim in one tweet claiming that the way NBC and “SNL” treated lawyers (the president referenced their treatment of Republicans) was “the real Collusion.”

Avenatti concluded his Twitter tirade by lifting — again, almost word for word — the president’s recent attack on actor Alec Baldwin. (RELATED: Avenatti After A Tough Couple Weeks In The Press: ‘F*ck The Haters’)

Avenatti, who became something of a household name due to his representation of adult entertainer Stormy Daniels in her case against the president, has recently been working on behalf of several of the alleged victims of disgraced R&B star R. Kelly.

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