NFL Prospect Kris Boyd Claims Team Asked If He Had Both Of His Testicles

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Texas Longhorns star Kris Boyd was apparently asked about his genitalia by an NFL team during the combine.

Bizarre and weird questions aren’t unusual at the combine. Teams want to see how players react, but the question Boyd was allegedly asked is downright insane.

“One crazy question I can think of was: Do I have both of my testicles? And I was like ‘Yeah, I don’t know why you got to ask.’ That was one I can think of,” Boyd told the media Sunday, according to the Star-Telegram. (RELATED: Quarterback Trace McSorley Refuses To Work Out With Defensive Backs At NFL Combine)


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Again, I have no idea what the hell the purpose of asking Boyd about his testicles could possibly be.

It makes no sense at all. Now, if he had testicular cancer, then I could understand them asking. That would be a medical issue.

Asking just for the hell of it is a wild move. You almost have to respect the NFL executive who had the stones on him to just throw that question into the atmosphere.


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If you’re going to ask about a guy’s testicles, you damn well better have a good reason why. Otherwise, it just comes off as insanely creepy.

Also, in what instances is it okay to ask about somebody’s genitals? It would seem like the doctor’s office and nowhere else.

Turns out, I’d be wrong with that assumption. Apparently, the NFL combine is fair game.

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