Twitter CEO Dorsey: ‘We Were Too Aggressive’ In Banning Conservatives

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Phillip Stucky Contributor
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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted that his company was too aggressive in banning conservatives during the “learn to code” controversy, in a Tuesday interview on “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

“Probably our team having a lack of context into actually what’s happening, as well,” Dorsey explained. “We would fully admit we probably were way too aggressive when we first saw this, as well, and made mistakes.”

The comments came after a round of questions from journalist and fellow guest, Tim Pool, who demanded answers from the Twitter CEO after several high-profile figures were suspended in relation to the “learn to code” issue, including the editor-in-chief of The Daily Caller.

The controversy began when downsized reporters from Buzzfeed and other outlets received threats and other comments that also included advice: learn to code. That was reportedly a response to members of the elite media telling coal miners to learn to code as a way to cope with the fact that they were losing their jobs. (RELATED: Twitter: Saying Dana Loesch’s Kids Need To Be Murdered Does Not Violate Rules)

Twitter has a long history of controversial decisions involving bias against conservative voices, such as members of the pro-life movement.