These Minuscule Handbags Are The Biggest Trend Out Of Paris Fashion Week

(Photo credit should read FRANCOIS GUILLOT/AFP/Getty Images)

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Paris Fashion Week debuted last week and the most talked about sensation is the micro handbag.

High fashion designer Simon Porte stunned everyone during his Jacquemus catwalk show when models were carrying tiny handbags. The handbags are two inches long and are smaller than a credit card according to The Guardian. (RELATED: Here’s Why Designers Are Being Told Not To Hire Underage Models For Fashion Week)

The bag is apparently a smaller version of an already really small handbag Jacquemus released called Le Chiquito. That small bag measured four inches by two and a half inches.

Why there needed to be a bag smaller than the Le Chiquito I am unsure. This trend seems wild. The Le Chiquito retailed for only $500 which seems low to me for something that it supposed to be high fashion.

The French fashion label has not released a price for Le Mini Chiquito yet according to The Guardian, but I would not be shocked if it were more expensive than its bigger version.

People seem to be excited about these, even though all they can hold is air and maybe a breath mint. I can maybe understand because they are really cute, but you better have a different place to hold your necessities.

Elle Magazine labeled this bag the “New It Bag”, but I think I might have to pass on this trend.