Video Allegedly Shows Nevada Players Charging The Utah State Locker Room After Loss

Nevada, USU (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A jarring video has been released of the altercation between Nevada and Utah State players Saturday.

The two teams got into a wild altercation after the Aggies upset the Wolfpack in an epic college basketball game. It was initially reported the Nevada players were upset over the court being stormed. However, it was later revealed the intense altercation was caused by problems in the handshake line. (RELATED: Nevada Basketball Players And Coaches Get Into Postgame Altercation After Losing To Utah State)

You can see some the videos of Nevada players and coaches losing their minds below.

Now there’s new video that appears to show Nevada players charging the USU locker room. It’s absolutely shocking.

I just can’t believe how wild this situation was Saturday night. The Nevada players looked ready to just go wild on somebody. How does a situation like this even unfold? I don’t get it.

It shouldn’t matter what anybody says to you in a handshake line. There’s no excuse for an altercation displayed in the videos above. There just isn’t.

The police being involved makes a lot more sense now. This situation looks like it was one or two steps away from a massive brawl.

Just ugly for everybody involved. I’m not sure what kind of punishments could come down from the NCAA or the conference, but I imagine they’ll be stiff.

You can’t ever allow players and coaches to lose control like this.

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