‘If I Have A Kid, I’m Getting Into The US’ — Sexton Reveals Loophole In Current Border Security

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Phillip Stucky Contributor
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Radio host Buck Sexton argued, during a Wednesday interview with Tucker Carlson, that if an illegal immigrant brings a child to the border, they are able to get through.

“And the big problem here, Tucker, is that it is going to get worse,” Sexton said about the border crisis. The laws that we have are such that people who show up at the border who have a child are guaranteed to stay. There is no way that  is going to change this.” (RELATED: 2019 On Track To Experience Highest Level Of Illegal Immigration In A Decade) 

Sexton then asserted that anyone who brings a child at the border is able to get through.

“I was on your show and that other activist gentleman was on a few months ago and we had this exchange where why couldn’t the entire country of Guatemala say, ‘As long as I have a kid, I’m going to come to the U.S. border and know that I will get into the United States?” Sexton continued.

“Under the law right now, we are testing that theory out. The word is out. The numbers are going to get bigger. And we have no means of stopping this right now unless Congress actually does something. This is what the law says.”