Gayle King Reveals The Details About Her Interview With R. Kelly

(Photo by Donna Ward/Getty Images for Arise Made in Africa)

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Gayle King says she wasn’t afraid of R. Kelly during her Wednesday interview with him on “CBS This Morning.”

Kelly got very passionate during the interview, causing the producers to pause the cameras for a little bit. The interview with King was the first he’s done since pleading “not guilty” to 10 sexual abuse charges. (RELATED: R. Kelly’s Live-In Girlfriends Open Up To CBS)

King spent the interview denying all of the allegations against him of sexually abusing underage girls. The R&B singer got extremely emotional during the interview, shouting, crying and at one point even getting out of his chair. King stayed calm throughout the entire interview.

“I was never afraid, I never thought R. Kelly was going to hurt me,” King told Entertainment Tonight Wednesday. “I knew he was upset with me. I knew he didn’t like some of the questions, but I never thought he was going to physically attack me. I was only concerned because he was so amped up and very angry that he might accidentally hit me, so I did worry about that.”

King said Oprah called to check on her after the interview aired because Kelly came off so intense and violent.

King mentioned to ET that she suggested therapy to Kelly after witnessing his reaction. “I thought a couple times that maybe we’re witnessing a breakdown as it’s happening, and that’s why I asked him at the end of the interview, ‘Have you thought about therapy? Or are you in therapy?'” King told ET. “And he seemed to think, ‘Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that.”