This Retro Gaming Console Comes Pre-loaded With 200 Classic Games For Just $30

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Are you a gaming enthusiast? Your moment to shine has finally arrived with the Mini Classic Arcade Game. Preloaded with 200 classic games, this mini console will let you relive those glorious, childhood gaming memories. For a limited time, The Daily Caller readers can get this portable console for 69% off the original price!

Re-live your childhood with this mini arcade gaming machine

Re-live your childhood with this mini arcade gaming machine

Get this arcade machine for almost 70 percent off for a limited time 

There’s something magical about retro games. Even though the graphics are not as advanced as current games, the classic games are just as fun. With the Mini Classic Arcade Game, you’ll be able to replay 200 amazing games, including imitations of Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, TMNT, and many more.

Each Mini Classic Arcade Game comes with a 2.8” color LCD screen that is in the classic 8 Bit style. What’s really convenient is the portability. You can set up and start playing anywhere. All it takes is 3 AA batteries to get the device powered up.

Discover the true meaning of gaming bliss with the Mini Classic Arcade Game. For just $29.99, this portable console will bring endless hours of fun. That’s 69% off the original price.

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