Trevor Lawrence Says He Needs ‘To Be Smarter’ After Basketball Shoving Incident

Trevor Lawrence (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence has finally addressed his altercation during an intramural basketball game.

The college football star was caught on video shoving a dude after he set a screen. It wasn’t a good look, but I absolutely understand why he reacted in such a way. (RELATED: Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence Pushes A Guy During Basketball Game After Screen)

“I think everything is a learning experience. You could say you wish you’d handled something differently, and you know I do. Like you said, everyone is watching. I just need to be smarter than that,” Lawrence told the media Tuesday.

He also added that the whole situation was blown “out of proportion,” and the two men shook hands after the event. Watch his full comments below.

Again, I totally understand Lawrence getting very upset with a kid setting a screen on him for no apparent reason. He’s got an NFL future ahead of him, and that could all disappear with one injury.

I’d be pissed as hell if I was in his shoes. Now, having said that, Lawrence just shouldn’t be playing casual basketball games.

His money is going to be made on the gridiron. He has nothing to gain by playing any other sport.


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Be smart by simply not playing basketball, Lawrence. I don’t blame him for reacting the way he did, but he shouldn’t even be out there.

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