Castro: ‘We’re Going To See More Indictments’ Related To Trump

Phillip Stucky Contributor

Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro of Texas believes that there will be more indictments related to the Mueller investigation, according to a Thursday interview on “Hardball with Chris Matthews.”

“The president has been surrounding himself at the highest levels of the organization with people who lied and engaged in witness tampering and this continues to be the tip of the iceberg,” Castro asserted. (RELATED: Paul Manafort Found Guilty On 8 Tax And Bank Fraud Charges)

“I know Mike was just on and he talked about the interview we had with Michael Cohen this week and I believe there will still be more indictments to come. I think the information led me to believe members of the president’s family could be in legal jeopardy. So I think there’s a good bit of investigation to do and I also think we’ll probably see more prosecution.”

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was sentenced Thursday to 47 months in prison, much less than the 19.5-25.5 years that Mueller recommended to the court. The convictions were for obstruction, as well as tax evasion, not related to the Russian investigation.