Farrakhan Research Group Doubles Down On Omar, Says Her ‘Tropes Are True’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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The research arm of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam movement offered support to embattled Democratic Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar in a Thursday tweet.

“Ilhan Omar’s ‘Tropes’ Are True,” the organization tweeted with a link to an article with the same headline, which was lifted from a site that received a “questionable source” rating from due to “extreme right-wing bias, [alt-right], promotion of propaganda and hate.”

The article’s conclusion is simple: Omar is correct to claim that there is money in aiding Israel and Americans who support Israel do so for a slice of that pie. (RELATED: Women’s March Leader Won’t Personally Condemn Farrakhan’s Anti-Semitism)

In short, Rep. Omar’s two “anti-Semitic tropes” are both true: Jewish Americans are (compared to other ethnic groups) outrageously wealthy; and Jewish wealth has hijacked America’s policymaking apparatus in service to a foreign power. All of the Zionist-bought-and-paid-for hysteria and hoopla in the world cannot hide the fact that Ilhan Omar’s words on these critically important issues have been massive understatements.

But on the way to that conclusion, author Kevin Barrett offers up a string of anti-semitic tropes himself:

  • Fox News is an “Israeli-operated platform.”
  • Breitbart is “made-in-Israel.”
  • The Israel Lobby owns “pretty much all” politicians and media outlets.
  • All the Democrats who criticized Omar are “Israeli-owned.”
  • WaPo’s Dana Milbank does “cover-up missions” for Israel.
  • Saudi Arabia is ruled by “moronic Zionist-controlled billionaire playboys.”
  • American supporters don’t actually have “dual loyalty” — “Their loyalty is singular, and it is to Israel.”

All that in just 1300 words — most of which were copied-and-pasted from a previous article again defending Omar’s position.

In addition to this from Nation of Islam Research, Louis Farrakhan himself has voiced support for Omar, saying, “You have nothing to apologize for.”

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