Hannity: DNC Not Giving Fox News A Presidential Debate Is ‘Pretty Gutless’

Phillip Stucky Contributor
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Fox News Host Sean Hannity said in his Thursday monologue that the Democratic Party’s decision to ban his network from future debates was a “gutless move.”

“A party that has gone so far to the left they won’t even hold a debate on the Fox News channel?” Hannity said. “By the way, I won’t be hosting. Don’t worry. Let not your hearts be troubled. Pretty gutless move by Democrats.”(RELATED: DNC Chair Explains Why Fox News Won’t Host Debate)

“In reality, we know that 2020 Democrats, they’re just too afraid to face real questions from fair and balanced journalists here on the Fox News channel and our news division,” Hannity continued. “Journalists who don’t buy into the conspiracy theories and fake news, that will ask fair and tough questions. You know what? They’re not in the tank like CNN and MSNBC.”

The Democratic Party announced that it would not allow any debates or town halls to appear on or be moderated by anyone affiliated with the Fox News network, a move that many on the right view as unfair.

Party leadership cited an article in the March edition of “The New Yorker,” which accused Fox of being a propaganda arm of the Trump White House.