REPORT: Wiretap Reveals Will Wade Making Recruiting ‘Offer’

(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

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The FBI intercepted a phone conversation between LSU basketball head coach Will Wade and notorious sports agent Christian Dawkins discussing a “strong-ass” offer Wade allegedly made to a prospect, according to a Yahoo! Sports report Friday.

“I was thinking last night on this Smart thing,” Wade allegedly said on the phone call. “I’ll be honest with you, I’m [expletive] tired of dealing with the thing. Like I’m just [expletive] sick of dealing with the [expletive]. Like, this should not be that [expletive] complicated.”

While it’s not clear exactly whom Wade is referring to during the call, Javonte Smart is currently a point guard for the Tigers, and was a four-star recruit out of Baton Rouge. (RELATED: REPORT: Sean Miller, Will Wade To Be Subpoenaed In College Basketball Trial)

Wade refused to directly address the report when asked by reporters on Friday:

“I haven’t read it,” Wade said. “I knew about 20 or 30 minutes (before the report dropped).”

LSU is 25-5 on the season, and currently sits atop the SEC. The Tigers are a legitimate Final Four contender, so it will be interesting to see how they handle this adversity.

Long-term, this doesn’t look good for Wade, but the facts still need to come out. The FBI scandal that has engulfed the sport for the past two years has the potential to derail several promising coaches—not just Wade.

Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.

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