Buffalo Bills Reportedly No Longer Trading For Antonio Brown, Unsure If He Will Show Up If Deal Is Done

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

UPDATE: Ian Rapoport is now reporting the Bills are out.

The Buffalo Bills are reportedly no longer closing in on a deal with Antonio Brown after initial reports that they would.

According to Ian Rapoport Friday morning, the Steelers and Bills are “close on compensation” for the talented wide receiver, but the biggest question is whether or not he’ll actually show up.

What a wild world the NFL is when two teams are seriously discussing a trade, and one side isn’t even sure if the player in question will show up.

Sounds pretty risky to wheel and deal for a guy if you don’t even know if he’ll agree to play. If I was the Bills, I’d slam the pause button on this situation. (RELATED: Antonio Brown Might Only Be Worth A Sixth Round Pick In A Potential Trade)

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As I’ve said a million times before, I wouldn’t trade anything for Brown. I don’t care how good he is. The man is a massive distraction, and it’s simply not worth it.

If you’re concerned about a player showing up, then you probably shouldn’t be trading for him. Just food for thought.

Now, if the the trade goes through and Brown does show up in Buffalo, then Josh Allen is going to have a major new weapon on offense.

Allen has a cannon for an arm. Brown is the perfect guy to stretch the field for him. From a talent perspective, this would be a great trade if the Steelers WR wasn’t hell-bent on causing problems.

Things will get interesting fast if he does show up for the Bills. That offense could be very dangerous.