Mark Zuckerberg Reportedly Has A ‘Top-Secret’ Escape Chute At His Office

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg apparently takes his security very seriously.

Business Insider did an awesome dive into the billionaire’s security plans, and the whole article is fascinating. His protection budget is reportedly around $10 million a year, and it sounds like it’s straight out of a movie. However, the best part involves the alleged existence of a secret escape route for the Facebook CEO.

BI reported the following Thursday:

Facebook’s offices are built above an employee parking lot, but it’s impossible to park directly beneath Zuckerberg’s desk because of concerns about the risk of car bombs.

He also has access to a large glass-walled conference room in the middle of the space near his desk that features bullet-resistant windows and a panic button. There’s also a persistent rumor among Facebook employees that he has a secret “panic chute” his team can evacuate him down to get him out of the office in a hurry. The truth of this matter remains murky: One source said they had been briefed about the existence of a top-secret exit route through the floor of the conference room into the parking garage, but others said they had no knowledge of it. Facebook declined to comment on this.

Say whatever you want about Zuckerberg, but this is awesome. He’s pretty much a Bond villain at this point. He controls the internet, you can’t park underneath his office out of fear of bombs and he might have a secret escape tunnel.

That is downright incredible. If I had an escape chute, I would use it all the time just for the hell of it. If you’re going to build it, we might as well use it. Otherwise, it’s just going to waste. (RELATED: ‘The Social Network’ Is One Of The Greatest Movies Ever Made) 

I also can’t believe the man has bulletproof windows within the building. I get making the windows on the exterior bullet resistant, but inside is a level higher than I would think necessary.

Imagine being so powerful and so rich that you have to essentially be protected from your own employees. From what I saw in the “Social Network,” that wasn’t always the case.

I would love to see the guys on this security team. I bet they’re about as badass as people come. In my mind, they’re all just former Navy SEALs and Delta Force operators ready to mess people up if they have to.

Whether you love him or hate him, Zuckerberg is living a life that is beyond words and apparently involves a level of security rivaling that of POTUS. What a wild world we’re all living in.

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