Watch: Media ‘Outraged’ Over Manafort Sentence

Phillip Stucky Contributor
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Media hosts and contributors of MSNBC and CNN reacted in shock to the sentence that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort received in reference to his bank and tax fraud charges in Virginia.

Manafort was up for 19-to-25 years in prison for the series of charges, according to a recommendation from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but the Alexandria judge decided to hand down a 47-month sentence to include time served. (RELATED: Ken Starr Says Judge Ellis’ Manafort Sentence Was Merciful)

“Look, the sentencing gap reflects what I call the value gap,” one guest on MSNBC said. “And the value gap is the belief that white people matter more than others — particularly, white people with money.”

“As a former prosecutor, I’m embarrassed. As an American, I’m upset,” former prosecutor Glenn Kirschner told Chris Matthews Thursday.

Manafort wasn’t sentenced for any crimes related to the Trump administration Thursday, instead, a lot of the charges related to the Mueller investigation will be formally sentenced in the Federal Court in Washington, D.C., next week. Those convictions include obstruction and others.

The suggested guidelines for those convictions is up to 10 years but could be lower. Any additional time could be assigned concurrently or subsequently, which would mean Manafort wouldn’t start on that time until he’s finished with his 47-month sentence first.