Army Vet And Fox News Host Took The New Army Fitness Test — Here’s How He Did

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Army veteran and Fox News host Pete Hegseth took the new U.S. Army fitness test — which puts soldiers through a broad range of physical challenges — and shared his results on Saturday.


Hegseth, who served from 2003-2014, admitted going into the test that he had not really been training. Major General Malcolm B. Frost — who currently serves as Commanding General, Center for Initial Military Training at Fort Eustis — chuckled and said, “You’re gonna get smoked.”

The grueling test includes six events, all undertaken consecutively and with minimal rest between tasks.

  • Deadlift – A three-repetition maximum deadlift
  • Standing Power Throw – Soldiers must throw a 10-pound medicine ball as far as possible over the head behind them
  • Hand-Raised Push-ups – Requires soldiers to come to a rest on the ground and raise their hands between repetitions
  • A 250-Meter Sprint, Drag and Carry – Requires soldiers to run in after another soldier and drag or carry them to safety
  • A Two-Mile Run – This is the only portion of the fitness test that remains the same

Hegseth also asked Frost about one other notable change to the test — there is no longer any separation between the standards for male and female soldiers.

The general’s response was simple. “Combat doesn’t discriminate,” he said.

The Fox News host, who reached the rank of Major and earned a Bronze Star, gamely stayed on a mic throughout the test. He complained during the warm-up that it “already feels like the workout” and joked to other soldiers during the push-up portion of the test, “don’t leave me on the field!” (RELATED: ‘Fox & Friends’ Runs Fact-Check On Claims Amy Klobuchar Ate Salad With A Comb)

Hegseth appeared to be pleasantly surprised when he heard his final score: 520 out of a possible 600 points.

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