‘Rapid & Catastrophic Turn’: Marco Rubio Says Venezuela Is On A Collision Course

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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The situation in Venezuela has taken a “rapid & catastrophic turn” according to Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

In a series of tweets, Rubio clued the world in to just how bad things have gotten under the thumb of dictator Nicholas Maduro.

“As bad as the humanitarian crisis was before,” he began, “Since Thursday it has become increasingly horrific.”

Rubio went on to describe a devastating scene — an electrical blackout affecting the entire nation that has now lasted nearly three full days. And he noted that, in a nation where food is already in short supply, the inability to safely store food puts thousands more at imminent risk for starvation. (RELATED: Maduro Blames Historic Blackout In Venezuela On ‘US Electrical War’)

To make matters worse, Rubio noted that some hospitals that had been able to keep the power on with generators would soon be unable to do so because fuel is quickly running out.

Already facing severe fuel shortages,generator use has further depleted supplies. In the next few hours more generators will stop at hospitals because fuel is running out. Making matters even worse is that internet & cell service makes communications increasingly difficult.

According to reports, Rubio said that hospitals had reported 17 deaths “due to lack of electricity,” and he warned that “the true number is higher.”

Rubio concluded with a call for aid, saying that if it didn’t come, “I fear we are headed for an unprecedented catastrophe.”

Outside groups have attempted several times to bring humanitarian aid into Venezuela — but soldiers loyal to Maduro have repeatedly attempted to stop the trucks. A growing list of nations — including the U.S. — have recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as the true interim president and have called, along with Guaido, for a free and fair election.

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