It’s Official: DNC To Host Annual Convention In A Place Hillary Passed Over

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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It’s official: Milwaukee has bested contenders Houston and Miami to host the 2019 Democratic National Convention.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez is expected to announce the decision Monday from Milwaukee. (RELATED: DNC Chair Tom Perez Does Complete 180 On AG Jeff Sessions: Firing Him Was ‘Worse Than Watergate’)

Some noted that Wisconsin, once a Democratic stronghold, was one of the key states that delivered the White House to President Donald Trump. The DNC’s decision to go there may be an effort to prevent that from becoming a trend.

The Associated Press’ Scott Bauer explained, “The Democratic National Committee’s decision will take the party to the heart of the working-class upper Midwest that delivered President Donald Trump to the White House. Before 2016, Republicans hadn’t won Wisconsin since 1984.”

Some conservatives took the opportunity to jab at 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, whom many believe could have turned the tables is she had chosen to campaign in Wisconsin.

The Cook Political Report’s Amy Walter saw it coming.

Minnesota Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who announced her presidential campaign last month, appeared to take a similar swipe at Clinton when she announced that she would make her first campaign stop in Wisconsin. She then called the former Secretary of State to apologize for the slight.

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