Miguel Cabrera Pulls Off Hidden Ball Trick

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Detroit Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera turned a boring spring training game into the biggest sports story of the day with one swift move.

During a spring training game against the Minnesota Twins, Detroit’s star veteran showed off his baseball acumen by pulling off what is known as the “hidden ball trick.”

Cabrera tagged the runner with an empty glove, then put the ball back in the glove as he relaxed, and tagged him out. (RELATED: Tigers Centerfielder Apologizes For Dropping A Fly Ball, Flipping Off The Fans [Video])

See for yourself:

It’s been a tough few years for Tigers fans. The once proud franchise has hit rock bottom in recent years, but Cabrera has been the one constant. The 16-year veteran is headed to the Hall of Fame once he retires, and for good reason.

The 35-year old is best known for his slugging, but this play will definitely be on his Cooperstown highlight reel. The savvy veteran showed he still has a few tricks up his sleeve and gave sports fans something to be excited about on an otherwise boring day.

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