Plano, Texas Named Happiest City In America

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The happiest city in America is apparently Plano, Texas.

WalletHub did a great dive into the best cities Monday and ranked them on a composite score determined by: emotional and physical well-being, income and employment, and community and environment. (SLIDESHOW: These Are The Hottest Women On Instagram)

The top 10, according to WalletHub, are as follows:

  1. Plano, TX
  2. Irvine, CA
  3. Madison, WI
  4. Fremont, CA
  5. Huntington Beach, CA
  6. Fargo, ND
  7. Grand Prairie, TX
  8. San Jose, CA
  9. Scottsdale, AZ
  10. San Francisco, CA

Now, I’ve never been to Plano, Texas. In fact, I’ve never been to Texas at all. However, a trusted source of mine tells me Plano is a very nice area outside of Dallas.

He seems like somebody who would know, and I’m going to take him at his word. I might have to eventually find out for myself with a trip down that way.

What I do know for sure is that Madison, Wisconsin, is an awesome place. I spent several years of my life living there and nearly two decades living a few miles up the road.

Madison is one of the coolest places on the planet. It’s got great weather in the summer; nice, cold weather in the winter; hot women; plenty of great beer and lots of outstanding food. (RELATED: Wisconsin Blows Out Iowa 65-45, Khalil Iverson Throws Down Big Dunk)

You don’t know what living is until you’re crushing brats and beers at a variety of different locations around State Street.

Plus, the University of Wisconsin is right there, which means you’re surrounded by great college sports. If you’ve never been to Madison before, I seriously suggest you check it out.

There’s no question at all in my mind that it’s one of the greatest cities this beautiful country has.