REPORT: 7 FBI Agents Arrested Felicity Huffman At Gunpoint

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Multiple FBI agents were deployed to arrest Felicity Huffman early Tuesday morning, and they apparently did it at gunpoint.

Huffman, Lori Loughlin and dozens of other people were charged for allegedly participating in a college admission bribery scheme. The former “Desperate Housewives” star was charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud.

Huffman is specifically accused of faking charitable contributions in order to gain her daughter admission into an unknown college, and the star actress’ arrest sounds like it was something straight out of the movies. (SLIDESHOW: These Are The Hottest Women On Instagram)

TMZ reported the following Tuesday:

Sources familiar with the arrest tell TMZ, 7 FBI agents showed up at Felicity’s Hollywood Hills home at 6 AM and drew their weapons as they ordered Felicity to come out and surrender.

We’re told Felicity, her husband William H. Macy and their 2 daughters were asleep when the agents ordered her out. Our sources say she knew the arrest was looming and would have gladly surrendered on her own, but the feds saw it differently.

An FBI source familiar with the arrest tells TMZ guns were drawn as a precaution. It’s always left to the agents’ discretion whether to draw a firearm during an arrest. 

Okay, I’m not going to condone what Loughlin, Huffman and many other allegedly did, but this seems like overkill.

Seven FBI agents with their guns drawn? Are you kidding me? She’s one Hollywood actress, and she’s married to another very famous man. I highly doubt she was planning to open fire with a SAW as agents advanced on her position. Give me a break. Using seven agents with their guns drawn ready to blast away is absurd.


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I’m not here to debate whether or not the federal government should be investigating alleged bribery and college admissions (they shouldn’t be wasting their time), but I will say using seven agents is absurdly over-the-top.

Again, this is a woman in her mid-50s. Why stop at seven agents? Hell, just send Delta Force. If you’re going to go big, then you might as well go all-out.


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I really hope there wasn’t a single other federal crime being committed this morning when the raid on Huffman’s house went down.

It’d be a real shame if it was determined this whole thing, much like the college basketball investigation, was a gigantic waste of taxpayer dollars and federal resources. That would be a real shame, indeed.