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Congressman Feared He’d Drop His Baby


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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A congressman running for the highest office in the land might want to have a lot of confidence.

But on Tuesday, Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) appeared on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily” with Chuck Todd and exhibited anything but that as he and Todd mulled over his thinking process of whether or not he’ll throw his hat in the ring for the White House in 2020.

Moulton, 40, voted to advance impeachment and initially opposed California Democrat Nancy Pelosi‘s bid for House speaker. He believes adamantly that Congress ought to hold hearings on the possible impeachment of President Trump.

“Why are we afraid to have that debate?” he asked rhetorically. “…We have a constitutional responsibility in the Congress to have that debate. …Let’s have this debate. That’s our job in Congress.”

Moulton eventually moved on to more personal matters.

Such as having children.

Todd noted that the congressman’s interest in running for the White House has waxed and waned.

“The reason I pulled away …is because I had a daughter,” Moulton explained. “I’ve never been a father before. So I said, I can’t possibly make a decision like this until I understand. …It has been an amazing experience. I was always, I love speaking with kids. I love kids. I wasn’t necessarily a baby guy, you know? Do you want to hold the baby? I don’t know. I might drop it.”


Even Todd shot him a strange look.

“The point is, I needed to understand what that was all about before I made a decision and I’ve learned two things,” Moulton continued. “One, I like being a daddy more than I expected even though, you know, she can’t talk to me yet. I can’t believe how much I miss her when I just go away for our days a week when I come down here. But the second piece is that it really makes you think about your future and the world you are leaving for her.”

Todd didn’t have any curiosity about the congressman’s fear about dropping the baby. He held fast to Moulton’s presidential ambitions. “You sound like someone who is not running until that last second,” Todd said.

Moulton confirmed nothing, but said, “I don’t want my daughter growing up in this world.”

The congressman said they need someone to run who can ” beat Donald Trump.” He also said they need someone who can “actually bring the country back together once we do.” He believes it’s time for a “new generation of leadership” in this country.

But before he takes the presidential plunge, a campaign in which holding babies is standard fare, let’s hope his fear of holding the little dumplings subsides.

“This comes [down] to how best I can serve the country,” Moulton said, not committing himself to anything just yet.

Todd tried to bait him, saying, “I know this sounds unfair, but the clock is ticking, you know that right?”

The congressman promised to make a decision within the next few months.

Babies beware!